2.4G wireless conference system quick installation
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  1. Antenna installation position no less than 1 meter from the equipment cabinet, radiant furface directly facing the microphone put area, avoid anything shield, best angle is horizontal 112°vertical 34°.
  2. Antenna cable with power supply, can not connect when power on; pay attention to the connector of cable, keep the pin in the middel keep the same level with connector.
  3. Host unit installation: make the equipment and cabinet insulation, please attention the corresponding accessories.
  4. Boot order: power on microphone, then host unit, operate after wait 1 minute; pay attention to the number on top left corner of host unit screen, will be the same as operating microphone, if different, please double check the microphones.
Control debugging
  1. Turn on the host unit and set microphone number, detail process refer to the specification, set each microphone number by itself from “1” continuously without repetition.
  2. Test antenna system, turn on and press “TALK” button of a microphone, back to the antenna and walk straight until the LED ring of micophone flashing and the audio interruptedly. The distance between the microphone and antenna should be more than 20 m at this moment, if partition, a wall means 5~8 meters. If abnormality, please double check the anttena connection.
  3. Test every microphone one by one at same method, the distance of each microphone should be similar, discrepency no more than 10%. Please power off other mirophones when test one.
  4. Turn on and press “TALK” button of 4 microphones simultaneously and power off others, back to the antenna and walk straight, the distance between microphones and antenna should be about 10% less than single mirophone. At the furthest position, you can on and off the microphone repeatedly and test the sound, suggest to test 30 minutes; if there is any WIFI, play a video 10cm from microphones, the sound of 4 mirophones will be not interruptedly.
  5. Turn on and use 4 mirophones to talk, walk around in the meeting room to test if there is any blind spot.
Sound debugging
  1. Adjust the volume of host unit to 18~20, will be better in 20.
  2. Will be better use 485 connect tocenter control system.
  1. High-frequency continuously noise in system: interference caused by host unit and equipment cabinet direct contact, double check the nonconductor.
  2. Sound interruptedly: inspect the on-off and talk funtion of all microphones, power off the abnormality microphone such as no power or damaged becauseit will disturb others.
  3. Microphone LED ring flash slowly: the batteries are no power, please charge
  4. Can not charge: inspect the light turn to red or not when charging, if not please double check the charging cable connection.