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Product Overview:


This product is a high-definition communication type color camera developed by our company mainly for the video conferencing industry, using a 1/2.5-inch high-quality HD CMOS image sensor. The effective pixel count reaches 2 million and can be combined with any codec, as well as other systems, to output high-quality and high-resolution images.

The many powerful features of the SOC-701HD video conferencing camera, combined with its ultra clear image quality, make it a truly powerful high-definition camera. The SV-HD50 has a wide viewing angle and is equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens, which can output 16:9 scale images and achieve high-speed, silent pan/tilt operations and shooting of objects over a wide range of areas with minimal shake. It also has many convenient functions, such as automatic focus/exposure, multiple preset positions, infrared and remote control, etc. SV-HD50 is an ideal choice for video conferencing, remote learning, and enterprise training.

It can be widely used in video conferencing, remote teaching, remote healthcare, worship churches, event scenes, courts, multimedia centers, chain stores, transportation, airports and other monitoring places.


Product features:


Ultra clear image quality, 2 million pixel HD CMOS sensor

A 1/2.5-inch primary color CMOS sensor with a total effective pixel count of 2 million can provide high-definition and high-resolution image quality.

Wide range, quiet, fast pan/tilt shooting

The new type of stepper motor makes it extremely quiet and fast to operate, allowing for quick movement to specified angles and large-scale shooting. Maximum shaking speed: 80&deg/ Second (range 350) maximum pitch speed: 60/ Seconds (range -30 degrees to+180 degrees)

Multi format video output from standard definition NTSC/PAL to full HD

Provide 1080p format full HD video, and for various application needs, it can also provide 8 different signal outputs from standard definition to high-definition.

High quality image transmission:

Ypbpr/HDMI/HD-SDI, capable of long-distance, high-quality high-definition image transmission without compromising image quality.

RS232C/422 remote control (VISCA protocol):

By using the RS232C (VISCA protocol) interface, remote high-speed communication control can be achieved for all camera settings and pan/pitch/zoom operations.

10x zoom:

A fast and stable autofocus lens that can perform 10x zoom operation.

9 preset positions can be set through the remote control, and 255 preset positions can be set through the PC or control keyboard, with power off memory

VISCA and PELCO P/D protocols can be selected through the pull-out switch

Remote control buttons directly enter and exit menus

Multi functional remote control: equipped with a user-friendly remote control that allows for basic settings as well as roll/pitch/zoom control.



Technical parameters:

Name SOC-701HD

Image sensor 1/2.5-inch primary color CMOS

Effective pixels of approximately 2 million (16:9)

Signal systems 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/29.97p, 1080/25p, 720/50p, 720/59.94p, 720/29.97p, 720/25p


Lens 10x optical zoom f=4.5-45mm, F1.8-f2.1

The shortest shooting distance is 10mm

Horizontal perspective 62.4; (Wide angle end)~5.5° (Remote), during high-definition signal output

Focusing system automatic/manual

Minimum illumination 6 Lux (50IRE, F1.8)

Exposure control automatic/manual/priority AE/exposure compensation/brightness

Shutter speed 1/5-1/4000 seconds

Gain automatic/manual (-3/+18dB)

White balance automatic/indoor/outdoor/fluorescent lamp//manual

Signal-to-noise ratio 50dB

Shake/pitch (shake) 350° (Maximum speed 80°/second)

Pitch -30 degrees to+180 degrees (maximum speed 60 degrees per second)

9 preset positions can be set through the remote control, and 255 can be set through the keyboard

Video output HD-SDI/HDMI/Ypbpr

Power supply 12V DC (10.8-13.0V DC)

Maximum power consumption of 30W (at DC 12V)

Operating temperature -10~+60

Storage temperature -20~+60

Size (length) 240× (Width) 155× (height) 140mm

Weight 1250g

Product color silver gray

Random accessory DC 12V power adapter, IR remote control, operation manual, RS-232C serial port control line, color difference component line