SM500 Paperless microphone
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SINGDEN SM500 Audio Conference Systems with CD sound quality 


SM500 Paperless microphone


System Description


SINGDEN SM500 is a new concept conference microphone, adopted with the 10.1-inch high-definition display, not only the traditional microphone of discussion, video tracking, but also can display a variety video, image and text information from the local or remote system.


SINGDEN SM500 microphone can fit in any condition of conference, and the conference room design also no need to keep out the position of projector, ensure the conference room layout more simple.


SINGDEN SM500 microphone is particularly suitable for large meeting places, participants can be viewed directly through the screen of the microphone, no need to view from distant projection , ensure the participants clearer view, each person can be better participated in the meeting


SINGDEN SM500 microphone is more compact, can be used on the podium, will not hide the participants, so that conferencing camera work easier. More concise and microphone integrates all function display of the call. When use it in teleconferencing, the communication, text and video information make the meeting more clearer, direct, and face to face communication.


The installation of SINGDEN SM500 microphone also is easier, all CAT6 network cables, stable and reliable.



Microphone unit SM500C/SM500D




Product Description


SINGDEN SM500 conference microphone unit enables discussion and automatic video tracking function; the microphone with built-in speaker, headphone jack and volume control switch, participants can use the built-in speakers or headphones to listen to conference speakers and volume can be adjusted; any 1-6 microphone except the Chairman and VIP can be open in the same time; multiple VIP unit can be set up by software; microphone in black and silver colors for customers to choose.





Product Features:




•Fixed Mi rod design.


•High sensitivity design, effective pick-up range up to 50CM


•Red mist indicator light design, indicate speaking state


•Support multiple Chairman Microphones active simultaneously


• VIP microphone can be set by software, make operation more flexible, to meet high demand (need to use with the software)


• Built-in 2W hi-fi speaker


• Equipped with 3.5mm headphone jack


• long-distance transmission will not have any bad effect on sound quality.


• " Hand in Hand" network cable, system connecting more easier and reliable


• Highly resistant to mobile phone interference


•Chairman Unit have priority function button, can override all speaking delegate units


• Can be centralized control when connect central control deviceby 232 port


• Adopted with a 10.1-inch IPS HD display, can display a variety of high-definition video, image and text.


• Unique innovative self-detection function, use with software the device can complete the self-inspection automatically, make the preparation before work before meeting easier and the meeting going more reliable.


Technical Parameters


Screen size

10.1-inch HD LED screen

Pickup distance


Frequency Response






Nonlinear distortion








Operating temperature