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Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole

Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole
Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole
Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole
Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole


Pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole


1. Microphone pointing type: Supercardiac directional electret capacitor microphone;

2. Radio head: 14mm diameter gold-plated capacitive type x 1 (dual microphone can be customized);

3. Audio circuit: 1 digital handheld microphone (normal function),

4. Frequency response: 40Hz~18KHz;

5. Microphone input impedance: 1K Ω;

6. Output impedance:<200 Ω;

7. Sensitivity: -36dB;

8. Maximum sound pressure level: 110dB;

9. Signal to noise ratio:>70dB (A);

10. Cross talk:>70dB;

11. Dynamic range:>80dB;

12. Equivalent noise: 16dB;

13. THD:<0.1%;

14. Maximum power consumption: 5.5W;

15. Connector: Comes with a built-in 1.5 meter Ethernet cable

16. Color: Dark gray;

17. Display screen size: 4.3-inch color screen;

18. Display screen resolution: 800 × 480;

19. Power supply method: The host is powered by DC 48V;

20. Installation method: desktop style;

21. Number of microphones: microphones x 1;

22. Product microphone size (L x W x H): 220 x 34 x 23 mm;

23. Product base size (L x W x H): 107.5 x 145.9 x 50.8mm;

24. Net weight of the product: 0.90kg;

Main controller:SH2000

Adopting fully digital conference technology and complying with the international standard IEC60914

Using innovative clock synchronization and transmission technology, the audio delay is less than 5ms, and the sampling rate is 48K for uncompressed audio transmission.

It can simultaneously connect to both fully digital and WIFI conference systems, and with the conference host, it can expand the microphone output interface.

Professional audio output interface design, with one balanced output and two unbalanced outputs, compatible with balanced and unbalanced signals.

The audio output interface includes 2 RCA channels, 1 CAN connector, and 3 Phoenix terminals.

Mic bus interface: 1 RJ45 interface, 3 six core interfaces

Powerful phase control output function, flexible configuration for wired character separation output mode and simultaneous interpretation output mode. Comes with 3 built-in phase controlled outputs, which can be extended to 8 or 16 separate phase controlled character outputs. It is possible to bind microphones with different ID numbers to different output interfaces.

Simultaneous interpretation output mode enables simultaneous interpreting audio to be output independently according to channel number, and supports up to 16+1 channels of output through cascade.

The role separation host can be cascaded across multiple machines, and each role separation host can set different output modes to expand the output interface. It can also interface with voice transcription, voice excitation, separate recording, infrared simultaneous interpreting and other application scenarios.

It has the function of editing microphone IDs, which can detect different microphone identities,

The conference host adopts TCP/IP network protocol and supports both C/S and B/S architectures, which can be controlled by PC software

. Support PC software control function, which can check the number of microphones connected to the host

Language switching, setting output mode, ID output range, setting audio parameters for each channel, and other functions.

. It has a 4.3-inch high-definition capacitive touch true color display screen and light touch buttons, which can be used to set or view the output mode, ID output range, network information, language switching, and online status of the conference host.

Multiple conference hosts can be extended to form a large conference system, achieving flexible multi conference room configuration functions;

Supports line "hot plugging" and can add microphone access to the system at any time;

In conjunction with the camera tracking host, after using computer presets, the camera can automatically track and support preset panoramic positions;

Can control the volume of each microphone,

Equipped with a built-in real-time clock and a perpetual calendar function, it can display the current time on the conference host and terminal, making it convenient for attendees to view;

Exquisite and elegant 4.3-inch touch screen for conference host management and settings,

Meeting mode, 7 speech modes to choose from: normal discussion mode, first in, first out mode, free mode, chairman's permission mode, voice controlled speech mode, queue speech mode, and limited number speech mode

The system has functions such as initiating meeting attendance, voting, election, rating, satisfaction, and customization.

Speech mode restriction function: The number of speech units can be adjusted from 1 to 6, and the chairman unit and VIP unit are included in the number of speeches. The system supports up to 8 microphones to speak simultaneously;

System settings and status viewing, automatically detecting the number and type of microphones;

Connect to PC software for centralized microphone management, such as microphone pickup gain adjustment, forced switch, and speaker information registration;

Connect to PC software to initiate voting and check-in functions;


Equipped with USB recording function, it can record and play meeting records. (Optional)


Support the interconnection between software and speech microphones, such as requests for tea, pens, and paper;

Support simultaneous interpretation. Any microphone interface supports simultaneous interpretation station connection, which enables simultaneous interpreting audio host to output independently according to channel number, and supports up to 15+1 channels of output through cascade.

Built in PELCO-D, PELCO-P, VISCA camera control protocol, without central control for camera tracking

DCS-8511-G9 pure digital conference embedded microphone short pole chairman