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SH1180 Wired Main Controller

SH1180 Wired Main Controller

Product Description:


The SingDEN-SH1180 digital video automatic tracking conference system adopts SingDEN high-quality audio technology and advanced control technology, which can automatically adapt to various voltage inputs around the world. A single main control computer can be equipped with 60 microphone units as standard; Suitable for various conference rooms, lecture halls, and other meeting occasions, with perfect sound performance and intelligent video control technology, making conference room construction simpler and performance superior.

Product features:

Standard number of mounting units: 30 can be connected in a single circuit, with a maximum system capacity of 60 conference units, and the longest line length can reach up to 100 meters;

Can be flexibly configured into automatic discussion meeting mode and video tracking meeting mode;

The system can set the number of microphones that can be turned on simultaneously, from 1 to 6 can be selected;

Equipped with a three in and one out video matrix, it can directly control up to three camera balls, complete video conference functions, and achieve automatic screen switching;

Multiple input and output interfaces, including main input, card holder input, front output, and auxiliary output interfaces;

Built in DSP adaptive audio processing chip, which can suppress sound feedback as much as possible;

Standard and safe wide power supply design, 100-240V AC power supply, sufficient power;

In addition to meeting the needs of the machine, the power supply can also be used for discussion units. Its output voltage is a 24V DC power supply, which is within the safe voltage range, ensuring the safety of attendees.

Technical parameters:

Frequency response 30-22000Hz (3dB)

Signal to noise ratio microphone input 60dB

Line Input; 70dB

AUX Input 75dB

Input/Sensitivity Impedance AUX Input: 47kΩ

Line input: 10kΩ

Output/Voltage Impedance Pre output: 2.5V– 600Ω

Auxiliary output: 2.5V-600Ω

Power supply/consumption 100-240VAC (± 5%)– 50/60Hz/150W

Size 433x45x243mm

Weight 6KG


Controller accessories

One meter 8-core conference extension cable - SP11
SP19 Audio Cable
RCA-6.3Direct insertion,1m